Too many hobbies…

Throughout the years, I have had a bunch of blogs. I’ve registered a ton of domains, only to eventually lose interest and stop maintaining them. Each blog pertained to a particular hobby, be it pen collecting, writing, beekeeping, auto restoration, photography, or whatever else just happened to pop into my head.

Between my wife and I, we probably have far too many hobbies, and random things will trigger an interest in something new. We are eclectic, a bit disorganized, but deeply interested in a lot of things. We hope to bring that interest to you in entertaining ways.


There are some overarching ideas that we hope to get across. The first among them is recycling. The goal here is to keep still useful items from taking up space in landfills. Broken items can be fixed and made useful again. Materials can be repurposed. Sarah and I frequent recycling platforms, thrift shops, and various online locations looking for fun project ideas.

The Right to Repair. This is a biggy for me, and honestly something I wasn’t very aware of until I started watching YouTube repair videos. I started watching these one day after purchasing a dead XBox One from a thrift store and looking for a video detailing how to open it up, so I could fix it. I’ve since become somewhat obsessed with repair videos. The Right to Repair is a movement pushing industries to allow people to repair the products they own. For example, swapping a known working component into a product (such as a smartphone) that has a broken component. Often this fails as the component is tied electronically to the original device and won’t work in the new one. The result is a lot of electronic waste filling landfills that should still be usable if only they could be repaired inexpensively.

Tell me about those hobbies…

We have many interests. It’s the ol’ Jack-of-all-trades Master-of-none thing. Speaking for myself, I don’t consider myself an expert in any of these things, I’m always learning. The list below is a sample of the things Sarah and I have an active interest in:

  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Watches and Watch Repair
  • Electronics
  • Soap making
  • Papercraft
  • Gaming Console/PC/RPG/Desktop
  • Gardening
  • Lord knows what else.

Yeah, so expect a varied article list. As we start out with this new all-encompassing site, don’t expect any regularity in when articlesare published. Hopefully, we’ll figure out a schedule, and get into a rhythm.

So, uh, what were those other sites…

I have two other active sites: urbanraven.com and urbanravenphoto.com, both of which are connected to my photography businesses. Now-defunct sites you may have visited in the past, and are no longer active include: pensreviewed.com, ilovecynics.com, rogerasbury.com, foulmouthedbeekeepers.com, typingwithbricks.com, and alaskahivemind.com. So, yeah, hopefully, a single site will be easier to maintain!