Timex Expedition Scout

First Impression – Timex Expedition Scout

This is definitely a watch of mixed reviews. On Timex’s website, nearly 11-percent of the reviews are 1 star. On Amazon, that drops to between four and six percent. Overall, the watch gets good reviews, but those poor reviews have a lot in common: durability. Which is not a good sign for a field watch. This is a watch that should be designed to expect some abuse.

Timex Expedition Scout
The Timex Expedition Scout on my wrist.

I have to admit, my purchase was an impulse buy at our local Walmart, not exactly the place to expect quality watches. I loved (and still do) the classic look of the cream color dial, dark brown leather strap, and black case. This is a watch that comes in many color and strap choices so finding one to fit your style should not be hard. In common to most are large, easy-to-read numbers. Twenty-four-hour time is also printed on the dial, though in smaller font.

My first impression, however, does square with those poor reviews. After purchase, attempting to extricate the watch from its display holder, the metal buckle fell off. The thin, likely stamped, metal piece bent slightly, allowing it to come off the spring pin that held it in place. It was easy to put back on, pressed tight by hand, and it has not fallen off since.

In terms of timekeeping, it seems to be performing fine. I do not have a Timegrapher to test it on, but for the past week, it has kept time with my computer, which is synched to a time server. The watch consistently shows the same time (to the minute) as the computer. That’s not to say it isn’t losing or gaining a few seconds a day, I just don’t have the capability to get that granular in testing.

The leather strap is comfortable, as is the weight of the watch, itself. While not the thinnest piece I’ve ever had, it fits nicely under a long-sleeved shirt. While summers in Alaska don’t lend themselves to testing the hand lume, a quick check of the Indiglo feature suggests it will be handy when it starts getting dark again.

Once I’ve used this watch for a longer period, and perhaps subject it to actual outdoor use, I’ll write a more thorough review. So for, though, for a Walmart watch I picked up for under $50 on an impulse, it has proven to be a nice addition to my collection.

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